Our cuisine

In our restaurant we offer a variety of simple and traditionally genuine food.

Our specialty is the fish and every day we offer a large assortment of appetizers such as: sarde in saor, even boiled, pickled herring, swordfish, raw capes (mussels) au gratin, "mantecatto" cod, cod stew, sardines marinated prepared according to traditional recipes of Venice and the lagoon islands.

As pasta specialties, we offer pasta "daisies" stuffed with lobster in fish sauce, spaghetti with clams and spaghetti with prawns and bùsera sauce.

As second courses we suggest the fish fillet baked with potatoes, fried mixed fresh seafood and grilled scampi.

Our recipes: sarde in saor

Ingredients for 4 people: 1 Kg of pilchard, 1/2 Kg of onions

After having well cleant the sardines and beheaded, fry in boiling oil the sardines and cut finely the onion. Cook it in olive oil for a while adding a glass of vinegard. Lay the sardines after having fried them and cover them with the onions. It's better to eat the course the day after the preparation.

Our recipe: lasagna with "Cappesante"

Ingredients fro per 4 people: 4 Kg of radicchio (variety of chicory), 10 cappesante (pecten), besciamella (1 K g butter, 1 L milk, 1 Kg flour)

Clean well the shells taking off the black botton. Clean and cut finely the radicchio. Add the shells browning them, sprinkle with a little of brandy and add the radicchio, a ladle of tomato sauce and cooking cream and cook all. Make a besciamella sauce very soft. Put toether the two sauces and lay the pasta or tagliatelle as a normal pie. Cook it in the oven for 20 minutes at 200° C.

Our recipes: tiramisù

Ingredients per 4 people: 4 eggs, 400 g mascarpone, 4 spoonful of sugar, 1 pack of biscuits "savoiardi", coffè, cocoa.

Divide albumen from yolk and whip it, then leave it resting ofr 10 minutes in the fridge. Prepare the coffee and plunge the savoiardi in a heat-resistant dish make a cream layer and one of savoiardi and so on till filling the dish. Re-cover everything with cocoa and put it in the fridge for 12 hrs.